ULFA & LCSD Professional Development Grants


Grants are meant to improve skills and knowledge related to an individual’s professional work with students. Grant proposals must include participation in an educational program or development of an educational plan that relates directly to the individual’s job assignment and NYS Standards and/or the Common Core Learning Standards. An educational program can be an institute, seminar, workshop, course, conference, convention or independent course of study that is organized by an educational group, institution or individual for the purpose of developing teacher knowledge and expertise. Grants are intended to help cover expenses, including registration or tuition fees, travel, meals, and other expenses related to attendance in an educational program or completion or an education plan (all requests for out-of-state travel must be pre-approved by the Superintendent or his designee).


Teachers who hold tenure in the Liverpool Central School District, including classroom, special education and special area teachers, speech/ physical/ occupational therapists, guidance counselors, and school psychologists are eligible to submit a grant proposal.

  •  All stated requirements of the grants must be completed during the school year or over the summer months from the end of June to the end of August.
  • The fiscal year ends June 30 and the new year starts July 1.
  • If the same or comparable event is available at a location that incurs less expense, the committee may request that the applicant attend the less expensive event and/or location.
Individual Grant Applications/ Group Grant Applications
  • Professional development grants may be submitted as individual grants, or as group grants.
  • Group grants should submit one (1) narrative, one (1) group grant application, one (1) registration form, and one (1) program brochure.
  • Individual District Conference and Travel Authorization forms, individual attendance transmittal forms, individual hotel confirmation information, individual airline information, and individual budgets must be provided with a group grant application.
  • Each individual in the group must submit his/her own reimbursement of expenses documents.
  • Summer Grants
    • Notification E-mail to Faculty that Grant Timeline has Opened: March
    • Month Grant Timeline Closes: April
  • Fall Semester Grants
    • Notification E-mail to Faculty that Grant Timeline has Opened: June
    • Month Grant Timeline Closes: July
  • Spring Semester Grants
    • Notification E-mail to Faculty that Grant Timeline has Opened: November
    • Month Grant Timeline Closes: December

 Administration of Grants

The United Liverpool Faculty Association and the Liverpool Central School District administer the Professional Development Grants jointly. A Professional Development Grant Program Committee, comprised of three ULFA teachers and two District representatives, reviews all grant proposals and determines grant awards within the total allocation for this program. The committee may grant less than the requested amount. Decisions of this committee are final pending approval by the Superintendent and President of the ULFA.

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