Filebound Frequently Asked Questions

Liverpool CSD Digital Student Record Keeping FAQ

Please use this tool as a resource for frequency asked questions regarding digital student record keeping. If you should have questions beyond the ones answered on this document, please call the Office of Staff Services at x7153 or email Heather Cawley or Karen Humphrey. Thank you.

Guidance Document for Filebound “Getting Started” (click here)

Filebound Log-in page (click here)


Why move to digital student record keeping?

Since the establishment of public education (including the Liverpool CSD), districts have been keeping student records. Archived records are stored around districts and often in warehouses off site. Current student paper records are stored within each school building. In the age of advanced technologies, state education departments and school districts are moving to keep student records in one digital location.

What is the digital program used to store records in the Liverpool CSD?

Filebound is the digital program used to store records. Records are scanned through a copier or scanner that has Filebound Capture programmed into the device. When the user logs into Filebound and opens a project, you will be able to locate a an image of a record (if you have the entitlements/permissions).

Filebound offers a search mode to retrieve records by using keywords or numbers to retrieve the record such as student ID# or last name. Filebound enables the user to create additional dividers/folders as needed.


What records are currently being added to the Liverpool Filebound program?

The following types of records have been placed into Filebound with more areas being added in the near future:

  • Human Resource/Personnel
  • Business Office/Accounts Payable
  • Board of Education Minutes
  • Voting Records
  • Tax Rolls
  • Special Education/Psych
  • All prior student records/cumulative folders
  • Current student academic records/cumulative folders 

Why do these records need to be kept?

New York State Education Department ED-1 Records Retention and Disposition Schedule requires school districts to keep district records for a certain period of time and in many cases permanently. For more information about ED-1, please click here.  

Beyond what ED-1 requires, the school district may require additional records to be kept.


What student records are kept according to ED-1 and the Liverpool CSD?

Liverpool CSD has developed a document titled “Filebound Set Up/Scanned Student Documents”. This document includes what ED-1 requires and what the district requires to be kept. It is set up, in a way, to help identify student records within a student’s divider/folder. When new students register in the district, the registration office uses the Filebound Set Up.

Below are frequently asked documents to retain:

  • K-Screening...Yes
  • Homebound Paperwork...Yes
  • POR...Yes, most current
  • Babysitter Affidavitis...No, if not current
  • Student Records Access Sign in Form...Yes, only if signed, if blank no
  • Parent/Teacher Conference Forms...Yes, throughout a student’s time in elementary but not needed after 6th grade
  • Prior student medical records...Yes, if in the cumulative folder (current student medical records are not in Filebound-kept with school nurse)

New 2016-2017:

  • Update for ED-1: All appeals documents and Superintendent Determinations for Regents exams must be kept in student records
  • Final report cards do not need to be printed and placed in Cumulative Folders/Filebound as they are on Schooltool
  • A copy of the student’s diploma is required to be kept according to ED-1 law.