Who Can Meet the Bus Form (K-1)

Kindergarten and First Grade Bus Drop-off Procedures

When an Authorized person is not at the bus stop for a student in kindergarten or 1st grade, the following procedure will be followed:

1)  The student will remain on the bus and the driver will continue on the route.  The Transportation Center office will contact a parent/guardian at the listed phone numbers.

2)  If a parent/guardian is contacted, arrangements will be made for the parent to pick the child up at the Transportation Center or another agreed upon safe location at the end of the bus route.  The bus will not travel off the designated route.

3) If a parent/guardian is not contacted, the Transportation Center office will contact the school the student attends, notify the principal of the situation and verify the student's information.

4)  Continued efforts will be made to contact the parent/guardian.

Upon completion of the bus route and the parent/guardian has not been contacted, the following steps will be taken:

1) If staff is available at the student's school, the student will be returned to the school.

2) If staff is not available at the student's school, the student will be returned to the Transportation Center.

3) A School Bus Attendant will be assigned to watch the students until the parent/guardian arrives to pick up the student.  They will receive a copy of this procedure.

4) A parent may designate someone else to pick up the child.  In all cases, proper identification will be required.

5) Should a parent/guardian not be contacted by 5:00 pm, the Superintendent of Schools and the Police Department will be contacted.  A repeat occurrence will also prompt a report to the Department of Social Services.

Follow-up Procedures

1)  School Principals and the School Superintendent will be informed of students that return to the Transportation Center.

2)  The Transportation Center will maintain a list of incidents when a student was returned to the school or the Transportation Center.

3)  After 1st incident, parent receives a copy of this procedure.

4)  After 2nd incident, parent receives a letter requiring them to resolve the issue.

5)  After 3rd incident, Department of Social Services are notified, a second letter is issued.

6) After 4th incident, Transportation will be denied until the issue is resolved.

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