Tech Tools and Tips

Tech Tips for Families

Here is a quick resource for Students and families.

Teacher tools and other resources

Some tools and resources for our teachers in the district.

Video Tutorials

The IT department has created a series of short training videos showing little things that are specific to our district, specifically in regards to teacher MacBooks used in the classroom.

The videos are posted on Ensemble that is hosted at BOCES.  


There is a Tips & Tricks PDF for the iPads. It is from a group in England but has many useful tips. You can get it by clicking on the link at the bottom of the page, or download it here.

For a full list of individual files (not one big combined file like above) click here. 

  • Online Teacher guide for Espon Brightlink projectors - Is now available!
  • PDF file is at the bottom of this page, or Here!
  • Online Web training from Epson - Many many online training videos and link.

G-Suite (Google Apps for Education -also known as Google for Education)

 Tech tips can be found on the Liverpool Instructional Technology Web site.


Related Files
pdf Brightlink Manual for Teachers pdf 3.8 MB
pdf Easy Interactive Tools for the Mac pdf 463 KB
png Cheat Sheet for Mac Easy Interactive Tools png 168 KB