Preschool to Kindergarten

Transitioning from Preschool To School-Age Special Education Services

The Liverpool Special Education Department sponsors a parent information meeting in January. The Director of Special Education and/or the Chairperson for Committee on Preschool Special Education provide information about the transition process from preschool to kindergarten. A panel of professionals is also available, which includes a special education teacher, general education teacher and speech therapist.

For information regarding topics covered at the transition meeting, see the related files below. 

Related Files
pdf Transition Meeting Diagram
When attending your child's transition meeting there will be two committees at the meeting. Committee on Preschool Special Education (CPSE) and Committee on Special Education (CSE). This diagram shows the responsibilities of each committee. The CPSE will determine services for the summer and the CSE will determine services for your child's kindergarten year.
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pdf Criteria for Eligibility for Preschool Special Education Programs and/or Services
The following information is available in this section: Criteria for Eligibility for Preschool Special Education Programs and/or Services, Extended School Year Programming, Determining Eligibility for Preschool Special Education Services, Continuum of Services at School-Age Level, Kindergarten Registration, Kindergarten Screening, Kindergarten Transition Workshops, and Kindergarten Orientation.
pdf 76 KB
pdf Acronyms
A list of Acronyms (abbreviations) that are used frequently in special education.
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pdf Description of Special Education Classifications
There are 13 classifications outlined by the state of New York in which students are eligible to receive special education services as a K-12 student.
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pdf Extended School Year Programming pdf 59 KB
pdf Transition Meeting pdf 31 KB
pdf Purpose of the Meetings pdf 39 KB
pdf School Age Classifications pdf 24 KB
pdf Continuum of Services pdf 52 KB
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