Upcoming Milestones

January 2020

  • The Board of Education will review the Education 2020 milestones.

February 2020

  • The Board of Education will hear the Education 2020 presentation.
  • Included will be the Superintendent's recommendations.

March to May 2020

  • District leaders will begin discussing various issues, concerns, challenges, obstacles and other details related to the proposed changes.

June 2020

  • The Board of Education will consider a change in grade configuration and building utilization based on the Education 2020 Superintendent's recommendations.

Ongoing Work

  • Examples of possible sub-committee work include:
      • K-2 Pathway
      • 3-5 Pathway
      • 9-12 Pathway
      • Special Area Pathway
      • Special Education Pathway
      • Transportation/Zoning Students
      • Union Committees
      • PTO Leadership¬†