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Dignity for All Students Act (DASA)
Achieve 3000 Literacy
Allergy Management Plan
Athletic Hall of Fame
Athletics Booster Club
pdf Athletic Booster Club By Laws pdf 33 KB
pdf Fundraiser Request Form pdf 42 KB
pdf Disbursing Order Form pdf 35 KB
pdf Booster Club Loan Form pdf 28 KB
pdf Drop off Shed Information pdf 722 KB
pdf August 2014 Meeting Minutes pdf 43 KB
pdf September 2014 Meeting Minutes pdf 42 KB
pdf October 2014 Meeting Minutes pdf 41 KB
pdf November 2014 Meeting Minutes pdf 39 KB
pdf December 2014 Meeting Minutes pdf 40 KB
pdf January 2015 Meeting Minutes pdf 48 KB
pdf March 2015 Meeting Minutes pdf 50 KB
pdf April 2015 Meeting Minutes pdf 46 KB
pdf May 2015 Meeting Minutes pdf 37 KB
pdf July 2015 Meeting Minutes pdf 52 KB
pdf September 2015 Meeting Minutes pdf 66 KB
pdf October 2015 Meeting Minutes pdf 67 KB
pdf November 2015 Meeting Minutes pdf 35 KB
pdf December 2015 Meeting Minutes pdf 56 KB
pdf February 2016 Meeting Minutes pdf 68 KB
pdf April 2016 Meeting Minutes pdf 129 KB
pdf May 2016 Meeting Minutes pdf 246 KB
pdf June 2016 Meeting Minutes pdf 129 KB
pdf August 2016 Meeting Minutes (Draft) pdf 235 KB
pdf September 2016 Meeting Minutes pdf 145 KB
pdf October 2016 Meeting Minutes pdf 283 KB
pdf November 2016 Meeting Minutes pdf 284 KB
pdf December 2016 Meeting Minutes pdf 135 KB
pdf January 2017 Meeting Minutes (Draft) pdf 284 KB
pdf March 2017 Meeting Minutes pdf 131 KB
pdf April 2017 Meeting Minutes (Draft) pdf 457 KB
pdf August 2017 Meeting Minutes (Draft) pdf 276 KB
pdf September 2017 Meeting Minutes (Draft) pdf 389 KB
pdf November 2017 Meeting Minutes (Draft) pdf 334 KB
pdf March 2018 Meeting Minutes (Draft) pdf 238 KB
pdf May 2018 Meeting Minutes (Draft) pdf 104 KB
Audit Committee
Babysitter in Same Enrollment Area Form
Board Candidate Information
Bus Stop Change Request Form
Business Office
pdf Quote Request Form
Fillable PDF to request Quotes
pdf 66 KB
Carbohydrate Counts
Charter Company Information
Chromebook 1:1
pdf GoGuardian Parent Flyer
A flyer from GoGuardian for parents.
pdf 87 KB
Coaching Certification
Code of Conduct
pdf Code of Conduct Plain Language Summary pdf 86 KB
pdf Code of Conduct
Adopted by the Board of Education on January 8, 2018.
pdf 3.1 MB
pdf Athletic/Extracurricular Code of Conduct pdf 21 KB
Common Core Instructional Shifts
Communicable Diseases
pdf Fifth Disease pdf 521 KB
pdf Head Lice pdf 139 KB
pdf Impetigo pdf 513 KB
pdf MRSA pdf 1.3 MB
pdf Pertussis pdf 522 KB
pdf Ringworm pdf 517 KB
pdf Shigellosis pdf 533 KB
pdf Shigellosis FAQ pdf 205 KB
pdf Shingles pdf 526 KB
pdf Strep Throat/ Scarlet Fever pdf 517 KB
Continuing Teacher and Leader Education (CTLE)
Course Approval
Development of the Preschool Child
PDF Developmental Checklists
Developmental Checklists for children birth to five years of age in the areas of movement, vison, hearing, speech, language, cognition, and social/emotional skills. Developmental red flags are listed as well.
PDF 193 KB
pdf Checklist for Speech/Language Development of 4 and 5 year olds
Checklist for speech/language development for four and five year olds.
pdf 37 KB
pdf Checklist for Sensory Integration
When to take a closer look at behavior related to sensory challenges.
pdf 36 KB
Diabetes Management Plan
Disclosure of APPR Scores to Parents
Distinguished Service Award
Employee Benefits
Ethics Committee
Facilities Advisory Committee
Fine Arts Hall of Fame
Food Allergies & Special Dietary Needs
pdf General Mills Allergen Statement
Added 12/21/17
pdf 73 KB
pdf SkyBlue Bakery Peanut/Tree Nut Statement
Added 12/21/17
pdf 139 KB
docx Super Bakery Peanut/Tree Nut Statement
Added 12/21/17
docx 32 KB
docx Frito Lay Peanut/Tree Nut Response
Added 12/21/17
docx 13 KB
pdf Hershey's Ice Cream Nutrition Information
Updated 7/30/18
pdf 8.7 MB
pdf Hershey's Ice Cream Information
Added 9/24/18
pdf 18 MB
pdf Gluten Free Cereal 2018
Updated 10/29/18
pdf 87 KB
pdf Gluten Free Snacks 2018
Updated 10/29/18
pdf 131 KB
pdf Snack Allergen Poster October 2018
pdf 529 KB
Food Service
Free and Reduced Applications
Health and Wellness Information
Health Information
Home Instruction
Homeless Assistance
pdf McKinney Vento Act pdf 1.2 MB
i-Ready Math
Important Forms
pdf Attendance Transmittal Form - Revised for 2016
This form should be used for all attendance transmittals. it is a fillable Pdf so you can all it out and submit to supervisor. Download to complete.
pdf 57 KB
pdf District Conference and Travel Authorization Form pdf 140 KB
pdf Expense Reimbursement Form pdf 63 KB
pdf Cancer Screening Form pdf 25 KB
Important Forms (Human Resources)
Leave of Absence
pdf FMLA Poster pdf 42 KB
Lunch Menus
pdf Permission to Administer Medication Form
For Health Care Provider and Parental Consent to Administer Medication During School Hours
pdf 555 KB
My Learning Plan
New Page
Next Generation Standards
Non-Public Transportation Request Forms
NYS Weight Status Study
Parent and Resident Affidavits
Parent Information Letter 2018 - 2019
Payroll Calendar
Phase Four Project
Phase Three Project
Phase Three Reauthorization Vote
Phase Two Project
pdf Health Certificate/Physical Form
This form will become the only acceptable form in New York State during the 2019-2020 school year.
pdf 1008 KB
pdf Dental Certificate pdf 95 KB
Policy Committee
Preschool to Kindergarten
pdf Transition Meeting Diagram
When attending your child's transition meeting there will be two committees at the meeting. Committee on Preschool Special Education (CPSE) and Committee on Special Education (CSE). This diagram shows the responsibilities of each committee. The CPSE will determine services for the summer and the CSE will determine services for your child's kindergarten year.
pdf 39 KB
pdf Criteria for Eligibility for Preschool Special Education Programs and/or Services
The following information is available in this section: Criteria for Eligibility for Preschool Special Education Programs and/or Services, Extended School Year Programming, Determining Eligibility for Preschool Special Education Services, Continuum of Services at School-Age Level, Kindergarten Registration, Kindergarten Screening, Kindergarten Transition Workshops, and Kindergarten Orientation.
pdf 76 KB
pdf Acronyms
A list of Acronyms (abbreviations) that are used frequently in special education.
pdf 58 KB
pdf Description of Special Education Classifications
There are 13 classifications outlined by the state of New York in which students are eligible to receive special education services as a K-12 student.
pdf 69 KB
pdf Extended School Year Programming pdf 59 KB
pdf Transition Meeting pdf 31 KB
pdf Purpose of the Meetings pdf 39 KB
pdf School Age Classifications pdf 24 KB
pdf Continuum of Services pdf 52 KB
Registered Daycare Request Form
Requesting the Use of LHS & Athletic Facilities
Requests for Babysitters Outside of Attendance Area
Retiree Benefits
Retirement Planning
Rights for Parents of Children with Disabilities
pdf Procedural Safeguards Notice
This packet from New York State Education Department explains the rights for parents of children with disabilities, ages 3-21.
pdf 296 KB
School Bell
School Board Policies Pertaining to Acceptable Use
School Boundaries
pdf Liverpool Central School District Street Code Book
Beginning July 1, 2015
pdf 808 KB
School Tool Parent Portal
pdf Parent Portal Users Guide pdf 681 KB
pdf Mobile App Directions
From a phone use the Schooltool app. The first time you open the app you will need to type on the URL line.
pdf 343 KB
pdf LCSD Report Card Access Directions
Directions and help on gaining access to your student's Report Card.
pdf 12 MB
Seizure Management Plan
Special Education
Sports Medicine
Summer Music and Art Camps
pdf LCSD Summer Music and Art Camps
The brochure includes all camps listings, descriptions and registration forms.
pdf 2 MB
Tech Tools and Tips
Transportation Request Forms
Trimester Elementary Report Cards
pdf Standards Based Report Card Brochure
Distributed During Curriculum Night Events at Each Elementary School
pdf 2.4 MB
pdf New Report Card Q&A Document pdf 63 KB
ULFA & LCSD Professional Development Grants
Use of District Buildings & Athletic Facilities
Who Can Meet the Bus Form (K-1)