Education 2020


At its June 22 meeting, the Liverpool Central School District Board of Education approved the proposed Education 2020 recommendations.

Education 2020 Graphic featuring Graduation cap.The goal of the Education 2020 initiative is to operate the district more efficiently, which in turn will allow it to maximize the money spent on opportunities for students. With the board’s approval, the district will implement the following:

  • Building Closures: close Nate Perry Elementary; close the District Office (move those offices to the Liverpool High School campus)
  • Innovative Reconfiguration: create four K-2 schools (Donlin Drive Elementary, Elmcrest Elementary, Long Branch Elementary and Willow Field Elementary), four campus (3-8) schools (Chestnut Hill Complex, Liverpool Complex, Morgan Road Complex and Soule Road Complex), and one (9-12) high school (includes former Wetzel Road Elementary for career/technical programs)
  • Innovative Programs: STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, Math), CTE (Career Technical Education), increased Special Education & English as a New Language programs, instructional resources, health and safety, mental health support, professional development and professional resources for teachers.

While the recommendations have been approved, there is still more work to be done prior to implementation. This fall, the district will create sub-committees to focus on different aspects of the implementation process. Then in Spring 2021, implementation plans will be finalized so that the initiative can be enacted in two phases:

  • Fall 2021 (Stage One): Moving the incoming Liverpool High School freshmen class to the LHS Main Building and finalizing the restructuring process for the remaining district buildings.
  • Fall 2022 (Stage Two): Implementing the quadrant model (K-2, 3-8 buildings) and converting the LHS Annex into a fourth middle school.

The district will continue to provide updates throughout the implementation process.




Since its inception, the mission of the Liverpool Central School District has been to educate its students and prepare them for the future. While that mission has never wavered, the community the district serves has evolved in numerous ways.

Gone are the days when Liverpool’s population boom meant the district opened new buildings on a regular basis. Instead, the district’s enrollment has dropped by almost 2,000 students in the last 20 years.

Gone also are the days when the standard curriculum was more than enough to prepare students for typical career paths. Instead research shows that students attending Liverpool  schools right now will more than likely be hired as adults for jobs that don’t exist today.

With those facts in mind, the Liverpool Central School District has launched its Education 2020 initiative.

Hear from members of the LCSD Education 2020 Committee and learn how we got to where we are today.


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